Culture Change & Business Transformation

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

Peter Drucker


You want…


A culture where your workforce flourishes and is united in their efforts to further the mission of the organisation.


Where people live the values, give their best, collaborate and innovate easily, and transfer their positivity to your customers increasing your bottom line.


 To manage change smartly and in a way that receives maximum support for minimal disruption.


In such a fast-changing world you need to be capable of managing near constant change. But change is inherently unsettling to the people on whom your prosperity depends. It’s also difficult, with 70 % of change programmes failing according to McKinsey & Company. You therefore want to manage change smartly with your people actively supporting any transformation you instigate. 


Most organisations try to achieve these goals, and most struggle, wasting valuable time and money, not because they’re incapable but because they are hard to do alone.  


 “People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!”

Peter Senge

Our Approach

Walkoach specialise in enabling you to develop the right workplace culture and manage transformations smoothly so that you and your organisation flourish.


We devote all our energy, experience and expertise to guide your company to where it wants to go on its culture, or business transformation journey. We then help you to maintain your momentum, because we passionately believe in empowering our clients to master change and transformation for themselves.


Because future proofing is successfully managing change and transformation.


An insightful approach


Organisations are complex. People are governed more by emotions than what seems rational. Certain approaches and certain people influence them more than others.  And they typically behave differently to how their leaders and managers expect because they have their own trusted networks and sources of information. 


  • In most organisations less than five per cent of employees drive most of the conversations - do you know who they in yours?


Silke Brittain, our culture change and transformation lead, blends expertise in organisational network analysis, employee engagement, customer experience, behavioural science, change management and internal communication. She can render the complex understandable, revealing how the work is getting done, how your people collaborate, share information, and which relationships matter. 


This is the power of insight to drive engagement, unlock performance, transform your organisation, and grow. It’s the first phase of an exciting journey we co-create with you and your people. Typical returns you can expect by the end include:


  • 20-30% increase in engagement with critical change initiatives

  • 10-15% reduction in communication costs

  • 15% increase in engagement and understanding of vision and values after 4 months.

  • Raised eNPS (employee NetPromoterScore) in areas identified as needing improvements.


To find out more book an appointment with us where Silke Brittain, our culture change & transformation expert will be happy to explain our approach in detail, demonstrate its benefits, and answer any questions you may have.

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