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How engaged are your employees? Imagine the difference to you, your organisation and your bottom line if you could improve their engagement


Research suggests only about one third of employees are engaged, costing their employers thousands. Yet companies in the top quartile for employee engagement enjoy twice the annual net profits of those in the bottom and are up to eighteen per cent more productive. Their employees work harder, stay longer, are more creative, take fewer sick days, and are more likely to recommend their company’s products and services.  They’re nicer places to be. 

At Walkoach we're passionate about employee engagement and can help you whereever you are on your engagement journey. Whether by presenting to your board on the importance of employee engagement and advising on the steps to apprehending it and raising it, or by designing tailored programmes (such as coaching for engagement) that will give your managers the skills and behaviours to better enable them to engage their people.  


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Talks & workshops on employee engagement.

Unlocking Performance through employee engagement conference 25th June, Bristol which Walkoach co-delivered. 


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