Employee engagement consultancy

We assume you have a good notion of what employee engagement is and of the harm to your organisation of under-estimating its importance. Let’s be under no illusions. Companies scoring in the top quartile for employee engagement regularly report operating profits two to three times of those in the bottom quartile. For your organisation to flourish, outperform its competitors, reduce its costs, or survive when the going is tough, employee engagement must be your top priority.


The challenge today is how you engage your employees - and sustain engagement – in an era of constant change when more of your employees are working remotely and best practice approaches five years ago are already outdated. Because the game has moved on.


  • It’s no longer only about engagement, it’s about employee experience. 


  • Multiple generations in the workplace means single approaches no longer fit all. 


  • The emotional connection your employees have is key but most organisations struggle with this because it’s qualitative, so hard to measure.


  • The enablers of engagement still apply but it’s how you apply them that will define your success.


  • Technology promises much but how to use it to best effect?

Our Approach

Whilst we know of many methods and approaches proven to produce results we believe that what you and your people develop or choose is unique to you and crucially must fit your organisation’s culture.


We therefore devote time to fully understanding the nature of your engagement challenge, and what you need from us to enable you to solve it. 


We then give this to our team of specialists, propose a set of options, and consult with you to co-create an approach that’s fully tailored to you and your organisation’s needs.


This is what we do


Whether you want to,


  • Develop a vision and transformational employee experience strategy

  • Articulate or refine your organisation’s strategic narrative

  • Find best practice methods for diagnosing, surveying, and giving your employees voice 

  • Utilise employee engagement platforms to measure engagement and facilitate interaction

  • Skill up your leaders and managers to be more engaging

  • Turn employee engagement into high eNPS.

  • Draft engaging internal communications

  • Create a culture of engagement.

  • Create something completely new.


You can trust in our ability to deliver results you’ll be delighted with.


To find out more book an appointment with us where we will be happy to explain our approach in detail, demonstrate its benefits, and answer any questions you may have.


To discuss your needs or to find out more please phone, email or contact Mark Wilkinson. Or simply use this form. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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