Praise for the Unlocking Performance through Employee Engagement Conference Walkoach project managed which scored an average 4.2 out of 5 from attendee feedback in response to the question ‘Overall experience of the event?’


“It was an excellent event! A great mix of people and speakers. I thoroughly enjoyed it”


“Good value for money. Overall good choice of case studies and the energiser was great - it could have been so awkward but worked really well.”


“Very well organised.  The mixture of backgrounds  speakers (experts, finance, building, small, new-ish, large. old organisations) made the talks really interesting and I could take something away from them all.”

"Thanks for the hard work you put into the [well-being & performance] training course...the whole team really enjoyed it...I thought the session was great and just what the team needed at this time."

Pete McAndrew, Sales Director, Health Shield

"Mark worked with me as my coach for a series of 6 sessions earlier this year.  I run a small charity which is undergoing considerable change and development and initially I wanted someone to talk to, to bat ideas around and to work with to realise some of the ideas that I had.  Mark offered much more than this; steering my thinking, challenging my approaches and supporting the idea of ‘stepping into the space’ as well as encouraging me to be bold and confident in my thinking and leadership style.  The result has been a considerable shift, both in work and outside.  Fundamentally, Mark enabled me to understand my relationship with work, but practically and emotionally, as well as helping me to realise what Leadership meant to me.  The coaching made a real difference to me and my organisation and we are both now in a better place than before the work started."

Matt Dowse, Caring in Bristol Development Lead 

"I found Mark to have the right balance of patience and push to help me figure out the next steps I wanted to take in my professional life. Beyond career topics, it was also incredibly helpful to take a step back and think about actions to stop sabotaging myself and manage myself in a more positive way. Mark guided me through a number of issues and helped me gain a more objective perspective. At the same time, his diligent and non forceful approach meant that I could start to address elements that were holding me back. We worked on a number of practical and personal points, both of which were critical for me to be able to move forwards. Highly recommended as a coach and all round great guy!"

Chris K, Bristol 

"After 25 years in the same industry and the last 12 with the same employer, I came to Mark convinced that I needed a very dramatic change in my career and that I wanted to leave my industry completely. Over an 8 week period he took me through a detailed and challenging process that ultimately helped me better realise that what I actually needed was not revolution but evolution. I am now about to join a new employer in my current industry, in a role that better meets my needs. Thank you Mark."

Andy, Bristol


“Through talking to you I was able to discover a way forward. I realised how I was limiting myself and the actions I needed to take to create change and open up new possibilities....Thank you so much Mark, the has really opened up a way foward for me and the possibility of a very happy and exciting future which I couldn't see at the start of the session....I would not have realised this had it not been for your careful and astute questioning." 

Sarah, Cardiff

“Sessions were challenging and insightful. Several times Mark had a thought or comment that really hit the nail on the head, and captured an important point that I hadn't quite conceptualised myself yet. I came away with better understanding of the problem I was dealing with, my feelings about it, and my options. Maybe most importantly, I came away feeling much more confident about my own ability to deal with it. Mark's relaxed, humorous, and honest approach to human problems always put things in perspective and made sessions fun. Lots of laughs as well as hard work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

Hannah Edwards, Bristol