We provide training that equips you and your people with the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours to get the most out of your teams or perform at the highest level.  Topics we train in include:

  • Leadership

  • Coaching skills

  • Employee engagement

  • Handling challenging conversations

  • Managing change

  • Wellbeing

Seeking something else?  We can design training specifically for you, for a relatively modest extra cost, because we're small and possess considerable knowledge.  Please ask us.

We're excited to announce an exciting set of new, live, online half-day masterclasses designed to empower you and your people to perform to your potential in this challenging year. Please follow the link to our partner site for more information.

Why choose us to train your staff?


  • We’ve spent many years delivering training for organisations of all sizes, including SMEs whose talk we can walk, being one ourselves.

  • We’re qualified and experienced in the topics we train in.

  • We use an engaging, interactive, coachy style that trainees enjoy. They learn more as a result.

  • We offer a more friendly and personal service than large training providers and can tailor training to your specific needs.

  • All our training is delivered online via reliable IT platforms.

  • We can help with any post training evaluation as needed or even offer you follow up coaching.


We’re expert at working with groups to enable them to explore issues from multiple perspectives, identify and overcome challenges, think creatively, collaborate and come away with better plans and solutions. Our coaching approach lends us great rapport building with an instinct for reading people and asking powerful, well judged questions to shift up a group's thinking.  We

  • Facilitate small focus groups to large multi-stakeholder meetings

  • Will work closely with you to thoroughly design the intervention

  • Are experienced in all main facilitation methods

  • Can bring in extra experienced associates as needed


To find out more about how we can solve your training or facilitation needs phone us today, email or simply use this form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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